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Mail to News gateway


There are many implementations and services for News to Mail. There are millions of email based lists. There are zillions of web based forums. All of this somewhat replaced the good old news NNTP. I am subscribed to lots of lists, and it is annoying to have so much email, without any order. All email based systems break the threads, and there is no easy way to follow on something. All web based systems are different so you have no homogeneous way to access the information.

So, is there some way to read these lists using a simple NNTP client like Outlook Express?

Well, yes, you have an EXCELLENT project: http://gmane.org/faq.php

The problem is that list administrators have to authorize this.

So I ended up developing my own system mainly for Yahoo eGroups.

It is a PERL script, which gets executed by the mailserver (IMail in my case), it parses the incomming email, makes a decision based on rules to see in what NNTP server and group and thread it should post the email, and then it delivers the post to the NNTP server (Windows 2000 NNTP in my case).

If you control your mailserver, and you can setup an NNTP, then you're done.

I am not posting the code yet, because I have to clean it up before. If you're interested, just ask by email for now.


Last Updated on Sunday, 08 March 2009 00:29  

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