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Fuji Finepix S3000 LCD parts


Some time ago, my Finepix S3000 camera fell to the floor and died. So I have it sitting in my scrap box waiting for something useful to do with it.

I am interested in finding out how to use the LCD module, and the viewfinder LCD module, so I can connect them to a microcontroller.

So if anybody has information on it, it is highly welcomed!

The LCD module has the following codes in it:

In the glass: 18JN3-9
In a paper sticker: 44D39KBI0G-81-E20100Q

The viewfinder has a paper sticker: 31117

I suspect the LCD driver is: LC15004 from Sanyo

And that the LCD module is one of the Sanyo Low-Temperature Polysilicon 1.8-inch TFT LCD Module. However, the thing is which one?

Perhaps any of

  • ALP228CXX
  • ALP237FXX
  • ALP237FAX
  • ALP228CGXC
  • ALP228CAXA

Or perhaps anything similar to that, however I am almost sure that by interfacing to the LC15004, then it will itself interface correctly with the LCD, so who cares about which module is it?. All help is appreciated!

Last Updated on Monday, 19 October 2009 01:40  

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