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PACO Oscilloscope ES-550B



I recently got a beautiful PACO ES-550B Oscilloscope from 1959. It features a single channel with 5MHz bandwidth, sweep ranges up to 500KHz, and a 5in rounded green 5CP1 CRT.

It is in working condition, and was taken care very well all these years, and it was looking for a nice home, so I simply could not resist buying it for posterity. Sincerely I haven't done anything to it, I just use it from time to time, for the pleasure of it.

As I found no other information online, I scanned and processed the manual and turned it into a PDF in case anyone needs it.

USA PACO Oscilloscope ES550B Manual.pdf (11.1MB)

For the detailed schematics at 600dpi, you may use this one:

USA PACO Oscilloscope ES550B Schematics.pdf (5MB)

Note: You better use right click, "Save as..." instead of simply clicking those links.

Now some photos, remember you may click on them to see them full size in another window.

Front view, showing a video signal

Side view, tubes lit.

See the HV plug of the 5CP1 tube, with 1.2KV


Bottom view, with all the components.

Oscilloscope at work, showing TV from a Pilot TV37.

Funny note on this photo: The lack of detail and synch in the image is because the video signal is not actually injected in the Z axis, but instead just is noise captured by the horizontal signal, which causes minor variations in the beam horizontal movement (not intensity) according to video, thus actually showing an image at all!.







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