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Teletone TV-208, 7 inches TV from 1949


Teletone TV-208

I am currently restoring this beautiful piece, a Teletone TV-208 from 1949, with a 7 inches 7JP4 electrostatic CRT.

The great news is that everything, especially the CRT, seems to be fine. There are still many things to do, caps to change, etc, but I'll post some photos now.




Overall view

Overall view of the desk

First images

First images featuring Mabel Karr in

Le diabolique docteur Z

Still with noise from the unshielded HV supply, plus hold problems, bad linearity, etc

CRT Chassis, top

CRT chassis, top view

Radio chassis, top

Radio chassis, top view

CRT chassis, bottom

CRT chassis, bottom view

Radio chassis, bottom

Radio chassis, bottom view

Tuning unit

Tuning unit



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